On a hot summer’s day when your mouth is dry and you’re thirsty beyond belief, there is nothing more refreshing than an icy cold bottle of water to help quench your thirst.

Water is vital for all life here on Earth, and when you consider the fact that a staggering 71% of our planet is actually made up of water, this shows just how important water really is. Similarly, around 60% of our bodies are also made up of water, yet many of us still struggle to drink enough, and our health is suffering as a result.

Staying well hydrated is vital for anybody looking to improve their general health and well-being, and if you struggle to consume enough fluids every day, you could very well be putting your health at risk.

From increased energy levels to a healthier brain, here are 4 amazing health benefits of water.

Water increases oxygen transportation in the body

Did you know that your blood is comprised of 90% water?

Blood is used by the body to transport oxygen around the body and deliver it to your cells where it can be used as energy. Specifically, oxygen is carried around the body in your red blood cells.

If you are dehydrated your blood can actually thicken and you’ll find that you transport less oxygen to your cells. This can not only lead to reductions in energy levels, it can also potentially put your health at risk as well.

Water increases saliva production

This next benefit may not sound that important, but you’d actually be surprised.

Saliva is produced to help break up food, lubricate it, and help us to chew it, break it down, and swallow it for digestion.

We absorb all of our energy and our nutrients from food once it has been digested and broken down, so obviously the easier we find it to chew, swallow, and break down this food the better.

Saliva also helps to keep the mouth healthy. Water is used by the body to produce saliva and so obviously the more dehydrated you are, the less saliva you will produce.

Water can improve energy levels

If you’re dehydrated, you’ll find that your metabolism slows down and your energy levels will plummet. Even mild dehydration whereby you lose as little as 1% of your body’s fluids can greatly suppress the metabolism and drain your energy levels.

When we sweat during exercise for example, not only do we lose fluids, we also lose important minerals and electrolytes which our bodies need to function.

Replacing these electrolytes and fluids is vital, as optimal hydration can boost energy levels and improve athletic performance in the process.

Water helps to prevent constipation

If you’ve ever experienced constipation before, you’ll know just how awful it can make you feel.

Constipation is basically a condition whereby the body is unable to make healthy bowel movements and pass stools.

Usually, it will either result in complete failure to pass a stool, or it can make them dry and very painful to excrete.

Water helps to add bulk to the stools and moisture, which in turn makes them softer and easier to pass. Regular water consumption will not o