The reasons why the majority of people do not have abs are huge and the major stumbling block is that plenty of so-called “experts” are still teaching old-fashioned advice for building abs that just doesn’t work. 

The number one mistake we make is that even though we are overweight, the thing we always start doing is crunches and leg raises. This means that if you have excess fat covering your abs, you will only manage to add muscles underneath, but not lose the fat. So basically, instead of having a slimmer waistline to show off your abs, it will get bigger and your love handles will also get thicker. Now let’s get one thing straight: Even if you heard about spot reduction, there’s no such thing. Only when you manage to shed that extra weight off, will you be able to reveal your abs.

Another mistake concerning abs is believing what you see on the commercials late in the evening when you’re watching TV, promising that you’re going to have great looking abs by using a certain kind of gizmo or gadget. 

The thing is that if everything were that simple, everyone would look great by now and not complain about having no abs at all. The reasons they cannot have those great looking abs is because those gadgets are good but only half the battle, nutrition along with exercise are the other key components. If you want to show off your abs, the first thing you‟ve got to realize is that the equation for abs is simple. 

It’s simple…but damn hard work 

Firstly, you will need to consider a diet that has a limited number of calories, as the basic premise goes…it‟s all about calories in and calories out. Next, consider effective cardio workouts to do, also think about strength training with weights. This will help you to raise your metabolism and build muscle which will eventually help you burn fat naturally and lose weight. 

What you are about to discover next are the important elements that if incorporated in your daily routine will have you getting great looking abs. 

They are as follows:

  1. A diet low in calories will help you with your weight loss
  2. Daily cardio workouts, which help you with exercising your lungs and heart, but at the same time burn the extra fat away
  3. Resistance Training, which is extremely effective for building muscles. While you do so, you will also manage to permanently burn off fat. Keep in mind that lifting weights will help you get that well-toned body you so much want to have.